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#TravelTuesday 21 // Hiking High Falls Trail near Cashiers, North Carolina

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If you can't tell from the last few posts, my heart has been longing for a good hike, some cooler weather, and a beautiful morning in the mountains! Since that is not an option right now I figured why not relive those moments, with a figurative hike to a beautiful North Carolina waterfall! 

Beautiful waterfall hike near Cashiers, North Carolina

This beautiful hike can be found in Glenville, North Carolina (near Cashiers) and it is one of my favorite trails we've ever been on! If you love waterfalls as much as me, the High Falls Trail (also known as Cullowhee Falls Trail) is a must add to your hiking bucket list! Here's why:

It's a Great Half-Day Hike

The trail itself isn't very long; in fact, it's only 1.4 miles round trip. Our Florida hiking brains thought, "oh no problem", but hiking in the mountains is a totally different story! There were a lot of natural stairs carved out of the mountain, that you had to traverse, as you hiked down towards the falls. It still only took us the first part of the day, but we had originally thought it shouldn't take us more than 2. Though, of course, the finest point in the trail could have been what held us up! 

You can Swim in a Waterfall

We were in Cashiers for the wedding of my friend Kristin, who loves the outdoors as much as we do. She had been there a few days before and her Instastory had me all kinds of wanting to go dive into the Cullowhee Falls, like I saw people doing in her videos. We hiked down towards the Falls, eyes peeled for the pouring water, but you don't see it until you are pretty much right on top of it. That's when the wondrous beauty unfolds and invites you in for a dip. To say it was cold is an understatement; even in the heat of the summer it was freezing, but once you get over the initial shock, you are good to go. Trust me, the jolt to your system is totally worth it! We swam for a few minutes in the pool at the base of the falls, then found a spot where the water didn't pound so hard and took a waterfall shower! 

My recommendation for easing into the cold: Just jump right in!! 
The water is deep enough! Quick and painless- somewhat!


High Falls is Gorgeous

Even if you aren't a fan of cold water, or getting wet on a hike, High Falls (Cullowhee Falls) is gorgeous! They are big and grand and there are tons of rocks to skip across to still get close to the falls, without getting wet. We saw a group having a picnic on a large slab of rock right next to where the water was running down the mountain.
Swimming in Cullowhee Falls near Cashiers, North Carolina
Swimming in Cullowhee Falls near Lake Glenville, North Carolina
Taking your mom on the High Falls Trail near Cashiers, North Carolina
Taking your mom on High Falls Trail near Cashiers, North Carolina

It's a Great Spot to Bring Mom (Kind of)

My mom loves to hike- or she used to! She was all set and ready for a big adventure- and then we started to descend the from the parking lot. My mom has vertigo and it has really messed with her ability to hike like she used to. She stuck it out as long as she could, but we finally found her a little spot on an outcropping of rock and she sat down to enjoy her audiobook! She was perfectly content! However, this is a warning that it's not a trail for those with vertigo or issues with steep steps. Thankfully she still said she had a lot of fun!

We even taught her our favorite trail game: ask tons of random questions that everyone must answer. Usually we ask things like "if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?" Mom was ready to get intimate though and started with, "if you could go back and change any decision you made, what would it be?" Then she followed it up with, "Is there anything about yourself that you would change?" Well, alright mom, we see you!

In case you're curious (like I know I would be), we will get intimate here (we're all friends, right?!)...
Mom's Answers: - Stay at Auburn to finish college and not transfer to UCF. 
                              - Not be so loud, clean more (which she added after my answer)
Babe's Answers: - Take part in more organized sports in high school 
                              - Be more social 
My Answers: - Nothing! I don't think I could have done that and not be where I am now. Every mistake I
                     made, I learned from. 
                  - Be more organized/ have a desire to clean, not be so loud (which I added after her answer; like 
                     mother, like daughter) 
(*God love my sweet daddy and Babe; two very tidy, soft spoken men, who don't seem to mind loud women who hate to clean!)

You Could Totally "Make-a-Day-of-It"

We only had a short window in the morning to do our hike, as we had to be at the wedding by 5 and would need time to get ready. However, if you have a whole day to plan some fun in Cashiers you could definitely head to High Falls at Lake Glenville. The trail head to the falls starts at the parking lot across from the lake. Lake Glenville is beautiful, with a long sandy beach and roped off swimming area. If you are visiting in the summer you can load up a picnic basket, plan to hike in the morning and then spend the rest of the day cooling off in the lake or basking in the sunshine on the beach. You could also bring your boat or the lake has a few marinas that you can rent them from.  

If you are looking for a beautiful hike near Cashiers, North Carolina I definitely recommend hitting the High Falls Trail! Your waterfall-loving-heart will thank you! 
We also spent some time hiking in nearby Cherokee County and loved that too! 
What is the best hike you've ever been on? 

Any adventures of your own lately? 
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  1. What a cool spot! If I'm ever in NC I'll have to remember to go on this hike!

  2. Oh my gosh that spot is gorgeous!! I've totally been craving cooler weather, a little hiking and great scenery and this post just made that craving 10x worse!! Haha

    1. Haha, looks like you might need to plan a weekend getaway!

  3. Just love your rays of sunshine on a day like today... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awww, that made me smile! Miss you! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Wow those waterfalls look beautiful. Wish I could go

  5. That's so pretty! I'm way overdue for some waterfall time!

  6. This looks like such a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing the tips to see it!

  7. Looks gorgeous! A great place to visit, love that waterfall!!

  8. I go to NC alot (Raleigh area) I have never heard of this area! Looks like something you would find in a more "exotic" location!


    1. I didn't know about it either, before we went for the wedding. I couldn't agree more! But I've begun to realize that there are so many spots like this in the US if we would just look for them.

  9. Those naturally carved steps don't sound like a lot of fun. Were they at all slippery? But swimming in the waterfall must have been a great reward for the hike. How deep is that pool you're in in the photo?

    1. There were spots where they were a little slippery, but as long as you were paying attention and had good grip shoes, you would be fine! The pool was shallow in most places, but there was a spot (right where we were, that was so deep you couldn't touch or see the bottom. Even jumping off one of the smaller rocks and into the water we still didn't hit the ground below.

  10. Fun post! I love hiking, but for whatever reason, I never think about swimming while hiking, especially in the US. Probably because I am from the Northeast and the water would be freezing! I particularly loved the trail game you played and your sweet mother-daughter answers, haha.

    1. Haha, yeah! That water would be way too cold for me too! If you are ever in the warmer regions you definitely need to give it a try.

  11. The waterfall look so beautiful, and yes if the water is cold I agree with you - just jump otherwise you will change your mind the moment you step foot in the cold water. So nice to bring your mom with you and play the trail game on the way.

  12. I love hikes that lead to water, whether it's a waterfall or hot spring or lake. It's like nature's way of congratulating me for getting my butt up a mountain! I wouldn't mind the cold water, so long as I could just jump in all at once and get it over with. We didn't really have fall weather before our first snow, so a nice fall hike was out of the question for me. I don't really like to hike in the snow!

  13. The falls are gorgeous indeed! I am from a "flat-terrain-land" and somehow, waterfalls are always a place I would like visiting, Especially if I can kayak around the area.

  14. Looks like a beautiful place and how much fun swimming near the falls! It's nice that your mom was also able to participate in part of the hike. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my word! The waterfall is extremely beautiful. I can imagine what it would feel having a cokdy discussion with those I love best with these sights. I'd also love to hike in North Carolina.


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